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work-in-progress for a game-level creation

Here is a small portion of a large environment game concept created by Kian Kiani which I am working on it as a personal project. I sculpted in ZBrush, cleaned up, low-poly in Houdini, and a draft lighting, and effects set up in the unreal engine, currently not textured, and probably I'll go for a procedural solution for texturing. Kian artstation

Volumetric portal in Unreal engine 5

I've developed a volumetric portal effect sample in Unreal Engine 5, showcasing its real-time performance coupled with cinematic-grade quality. #ue5 #unrealengine #portal #vfx #gamedev

Ground Explosion, Niagara + Fluid

​I used standard unreal Niagara and fluid to create a ground explosion effect. It is also optimized to give an acceptable performance in real time game play.  no any vdb is imported #unrealengine #Niagara #fluid

Character workflow, Houdini to Unreal

I created this character to make a workflow from Houdini to unreal,

so the idea is we have a Houdini Digital asset (like a costume node) with complete body and face rigged character, we can animate it and just press few button to send the character to Houdini for having body and face animation in unreal,

Previz in UE4

For a TV AD, I used unreal engine for creating nicer preview to client.

Procedural building, Houdini to Unreal

I Used Houdini and Unreal to create a procedural building creation workflow.

Vehicle Rig in unreal Engine

This short video is showing whole process of setup a vehicle in #unrealengine . The model I used in this video is a suzuki Jimny sierra downloaded as free from CGTrader

Niagara Destruction

Creating a niagara and destruction system in #unrealengine 5, finding out how they communicate to each other, and using projectile and third person player blue prints to drive them, so much fun and learning stuff.

Character and Gun Maya to UE5

This video is a work in progress time lapse for process of preparing a character and weapon to be used in unreal project. it is still in progress and this video is a part of

Mixamo to UE5 Retargetting

This video demonstrates how to retarget a Mixamo skeleton to Dracul character with UE5 skeletal.

A complete character Body and face rig in UE5

All skeletal meshes are scaled and rigged to the Epic UE5 skeleton, seamlessly compatible with the UE5 mannequin skeleton for immediate application. Designed with modular body components, to give a more control over customizing it further. It has a control rig for the body and a custom control panel for the face. The package includes several "retarget manager assets" that are pre-configured for easy retargeting of UE4 mannequin. Materials designed with the capability to be fine-tuned, offering unlimited variations. Project Overview: video demonstrating body components : video demonstrating control rig :

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